Revealing the Mysteries of Roulette Payouts and Odds

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Enter the fascinating world of roulette. Here there is always a chance for success and a sense of anticipation with each spin. Roulette is a sophisticated casino game with mathematical nuances that influence the game’s outcomes. It is not just about picking numbers and colours. We will explore the possibilities, and discover the meanings behind the numbers which will improve your gaming experience as we examine roulette odds. So, fasten your seatbelts and join us as we take a tour through the intriguing world of roulette odds. This is where each bet is a well-calculated dance with opportunity!

Understanding European Roulette Payouts and Odds

Understanding European Roulette Payouts and Odds

Consider roulette odds to be a mysterious, surprising game. It takes more than just picking numbers to win big. It takes grasping the secret of the multiplier. We will explore the roulette odds, payout, and bets. Use these to make every spin a calculated move that will spice up your gaming experience. Also, make sure to check out our online blackjack guide.

Standard European Roulette Odds and Payouts Table

Let us have a quick look at the standard roulette odds payouts table.

Bet TypePayoutOdds
1 to 18/19 to 361:148.65%
Single Number35:12.70%
Split (Two Numbers)17:15.41%
Street (Three Numbers)11:18.11%
Corner (Four Numbers)8:110.81%

Common European Roulette Odds Table

Let us have a look at the common roulette odds table.

Bet TypeProbability
1 to 18/19 to 3648.65%
Single Number2.70%
Split (Two Numbers)5.41%
Street (Three Numbers)8.11%
Corner (Four Numbers)10.81%

Exploring Inside/Outside Bets

Exploring Inside_Outside Bets

The difference between inside and outside bets is crucial in determining a player’s strategy and method of play. There are many other betting possibilities included in these two categories. Each has different roulette odds, risk profiles, and possible payouts. To grasp inside and outside bets, let us take a closer look at their environment.

Inside Bets

Inside Bets offers significant risks and even greater returns for those who are up for the challenge. Let us understand inside bets better.

Straight Bet (Single Number)

A straight bet involves speculating on a single number between 1 and 36. This bet has the lowest odds but the largest possible payout. The ball must fall precisely on the selected number to win. A winning straight bet pays out an alluring 35:1.

Split Bet (Two Adjacent Numbers)

Players can lay their chips on the line between two adjacent numbers in a split bet. The player wins if the ball lands on either of these two numbers. The payout on the split bet is 17:1.

Street Bet (Three Consecutive Numbers)

In a street bet, participants lay their chips on the outer edge of a row with three consecutive numbers to cover the row. The player wins if the ball lands on any one of these three digits. An 11:1 payoff is given for a street bet.

Corner Bet (Four Numbers in a Square)

In corner bets, chips are placed where four digits cross to form a square. The ball must land on any one of these four numbers to win, and an 8:1 payoff is offered for corner bets.

Line Bet (Six Consecutive Numbers)

Two adjacent rows, or a total of six consecutive numbers, are covered by a line bet. The outside corner that is shared by the two rows is where players place their chips. The player wins and receives a 5:1 payment if the ball lands on any of these six digits.

Outside Bets

Outside Bets offers a more measured approach. This provides players with the chance to navigate the game’s twists with a sense of calculated safety. Let us look at the outside bets.

High/Low, Even/Odd, Red/Black

Players anticipate whether the ball will land on a red or black number, an even or odd number, or a high (19–36) or low (1–18) number. These outside bets pay off in a simple 1:1 ratio.

Dozen Bet

Three groups of twelve numbers are available for betting: 1–12, 13–24, or 25–36. The payoff for a dozen bet is 2:1 and winning requires the ball to land on any number inside the selected dozen.

Column Bet

Column bets are bets placed on one of the roulette table’s three vertical columns of numbers. The player wins and receives a 2:1 payout if the ball lands on any number in the chosen column.

European vs American Roulette Odds

European vs American Roulette Odds

European Roulette is one of the most common roulette games in many online casinos, with Cricbet99 roulette variations mostly following the European or French Roulette format. The main difference between European and American Roulette is the Green Zero pocket. European wheels and tables only have a single Green Zero while American ones also have a Double Zero, resulting in the latter having a 37:1 odds of winning while the former has a 36:1 odds, with the payout staying the same 35:1.

Besides American Roulette and its two Green Zeroes, there is another roulette table heavily negatively affects the odds of a player winning. This table is the Triple Zero Roulette where three Green Zeroes are present, resulting in roulette odds of 38:1 with a measly payout of 35:1 for straight bets.


The kind of bet that is made largely determines the chances in roulette. While outside bets give more favourable odds but smaller rewards, inside bets offer bigger payouts with lower odds.

Depending on which roulette is being played, the chances can change. It is essential to comprehend these differences to play strategically.

Gamers can strategically use odds by weighing rewards against risk. While some might choose lower-risk outer bets for more reliable wins, others would favour greater-risk inside bets with higher potential payouts.

During a roulette game, the chances for every kind of bet usually do not change. Other variants incorporate dynamic multipliers that can modify the possible winnings for bets made during the game. To have a fun gaming experience, one must be aware of such dynamic components.


Learning the nuances of Cricbet99’s roulette odds, payouts, and chances enhances the whole gaming experience. A thorough grasp of the odds adds a strategic element to your gameplay. Experience an exciting voyage through the varied world of roulette at Cricbet99. So, let us end the wait. Try your skills at Cricbet99 today. Sign up and win exclusive rewards!

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